[CNY] 事事顺利 Abundance of Luck - Fortune Baby Abalone 425g (10P) x 3 + Dried Scallops in XO Sauce Original 110g x 3


You will receive items as per below:
Fortune Baby Abalones 425g (8-12p) x 4 Cans [Expiry Date: JULY 2025]
Fortune Dried Scallops in XO Sauce Original 110g x 3 bottles [Expiry Date: MAY 2025]

Fortune Red Paper Bag x 1

Fortune Baby Abalones are renowned for their succulent flesh and firm texture! The baby abalones are ready to be directly eaten from the can and each can contains 8-12 pieces with a drained weight of 180g. They are perfect for sharing and gifting during family occasions.

Allergen Information: Contains molluscs (shellfish).
Fortune Dried Scallops in Spicy XO Sauce contains shredded scallops in flavourful XO sauce. It's great on its own and ideal for cooking all types of dishes such as stir-fried vegetables, noodles, porridge, and fried rice.

Allergen Information: Contains molluscs (shellfish) and crustacean (shrimp).