[CNY] 六六大顺 Bountiful Harvest - Fortune Baby Abalone 425g (10P) x 6 + Fortune Razor Clams 425g x 6 *BEST SELLER*


There is always a Fortune for every occasion!

You will receive items as per below:
Fortune Baby Abalone 425g (8-12p) x 6 Cans [Expiry Date: JULY 2025]
Fortune Razor Clam 425g x 6 Cans [Expiry Date: DEC 2025]

Fortune Red Paper Bag x 1

Fortune Baby Abalones are renowned for their succulent flesh and firm texture! The baby abalones are ready to be directly eaten from the can and each can contains 8-12 pieces with a drained weight of 180g. They are perfect for sharing and gifting during family occasions.
Fortune is a trustworthy leading brand you can trust. Transform your canned seafood into delightful dishes with Fortune Pacific Clams! Harvested from the clean, unpolluted waters of Chile, Fortune Pacific Clams' are plump and juicy. It's great for soups and stir-fry.
Razor Clams are also known as Razor Shells and have a long narrow shape. Fortune Razor Clams are harvested from the clean, unpolluted waters of Chile. Clam lovers will definitely adore this special treat for its meaty and flavourful taste!

Allergen Information: Contains molluscs (shellfish).