[CNY] Prosperous Delights 福气满满 - Fortune Baby Abalone 425g (10P) x 2 + Pacific Clam 425g x 1


You will receive items as per below:
Fortune Baby Abalone 425g (8-12p) x 2 cans
Fortune Pacific Clam 425g x 1 can
Fortune Red Paper Bag x 1

Fortune Baby Abalones are renowned for their succulent flesh and firm texture! The baby abalones are ready to be directly eaten from the can and each can contains 8-12 pieces with a drained weight of 180g. They are perfect for sharing and gifting during family occasions.

Allergen Information: Contains molluscs (shellfish).


Fortune is a trustworthy leading brand you can trust. Transform your canned seafood into delightful dishes with Fortune Pacific Clams! Harvested from the clean, unpolluted waters of Chile/Peru, Fortune Pacific Clams' are plump and juicy. It's great for soups and stir-fry.

Allergen Information: Contains molluscs (shellfish).