6 x Fortune Baby Abalones FREE 6 x Fortune Dried Scallops in XO Sauce

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Buy 6 cans of Fortune Baby Abalones and get FREE 6 cans of Fortune Dried Scallops in XO Sauce

There is always a Fortune for every occasion! They are perfect for sharing and gifting during family occasions.

  • Fortune Baby Abalones are renowned for its succulent flesh, firm texture and juiciness!
  • The Abalones are ready to be directly eaten from the can and contains no artificial flavour and preservative
  • They are an excellent source of nutrients such as iodine and phosphorous

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  • 6 x 425gm of Fortune Baby Abalones (8-12pcs per can/ Drained weight: 180g) and;
  • 6 x 110gm of Fortune Dried Scallops (Original or Spicy flavour)

Allergen Information: Contains molluscs (shellfish).